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January 24, 2013
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You were just at your usual job at the Cheesecake Factory waiting tables. Luckily it was just a few more minutes before your shift was over. The last table you'd have to serve was table 14, the table Alfred, Francis, Ivan, and Yao were sitting at. But you didn't see your British boyfriend for some reason. "Where's Arthur?" You set down the plates of food down on the table in front of the people who ordered them.

"Didn't see 'im." Francis replied before grabbing his plate. "The last time I seen him was at the meeting at work." Ivan took a sip of Typhoon Punch. He didn't really like the color because of how girly it looked, but it had vodka in it so he didn't really mind. "Aiyah, I have no idea." Yao took a bite into the Vietnamese taco he ordered. Alfred was about to take a bite into his burger, but instead he decided to speak. "I seen him! He went to a jewelry store and came back out with a friggin huge ring!" Alfred's eyes widened in excitement. A huge ring huh?

"Damn it Alfred! We were trying to keep it a secret!" Yao slammed his hands on the table. "Oh... I forgot."

"Well since Alfred ruined the surprise, I may as well come out with it." A familiar British accent spoke up. "Arthur?" You turned around.

Your boyfriend, Arthur got on one knee. "What are you doing Arthur?" You were a bit confused. "Will you marry me, ____?" he shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box and opened it. What lied inside was a large diamond ring. "Love, I know we've had.... problems in our relationship, but I apologize and I wanted to know. Will you marry me?" Arthur's emerald eyes always melted your heart, but this time was different.

"Arthur.... We've only been on three dates. And you said that I wasn't exactly your 'dream girl' like little miss Holly Willoughby[1]!"  You walked away. Arthur followed you, still on his knees. "But love, I realized that it will never happen! I want you! Not some model who will never notice me!" You sighed. "I'm going home now! My shift is over." You left before Arthur could say anything else.

"Duuuuuuuude! You just got rejected!" Alfred laughed. "Shut it you git!" Arthur shot back.


You sighed remembering what just happened a few days ago.

Your friend, Senpai[2] walked over next to you. "Are you still mad about Arthur Kirkland?" She put a hand on her hip. You nodded slightly. "Well, don't look now but I think he's about to sing a song." Senpai pointed over to the small stage. Sure enough, he was sitting in front of the keyboard. "Do you want me to throw him out? I could kick his ass on the way out." Senpai cracked her knuckles. "No thanks," you replied. "He's fine."

Arthur tapped the mic a few times. "I want to dedicate this song to a special girl who I have done wrong." Senpai cringed.

I am so sorry for trying to propose to you" Arthur started to sing, which made you hide your face in embarrassment.
You found it creepy but that's just the kind of thing I do
Why" Arthur's voice grew a bit higher, and went back to normal.

"I know now it was too soon to talk of love
It was just a crazy idea that came to me in my tub
____ give me one more chance
Sweet ____" Arthur's voice grew a few octaves once again.
"I'll get the hang of this thing they call romance
Sweet ____
I dream to once again kiss your lips
Sweet ____
Sincerely yours, Arthur Kirkland
____, ____
You know it was to be
Tell the world, tell it all
With ME
____! Thank you Cheesecake Factory!" Arthur smiled.

"I am so sorry!" Senpai hugged you. "Are you kidding me? He embarrassed himself in front of a crowd!" You shouted. "That's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me!"

This is a small crossover of one of the best shows ever, The Big Bang Theory...

I friggin love the shit out of that show. :iconbazingaplz:

I just watched the episode wjere Howard sings for Bernadette and I couldn't resist! :iconfangasmingplz: I'm not a fangirl of England but whatever...

And he tries to win you back because he loves you

[1] Holly Willoughby is a British TV presenter and Model

[2] I'm Senpai!

Song: [link]

England (c) :iconhimaruyaplz: This sexy mofo
You (c) :iconsexyenglandplz:
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