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November 19, 2012
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I will tell her today! Sakura thought to herself as she started walking to class.

She will know my feelings for her!

"Hey! Sakura!" A voice called out.

Sakura turned around. It was you!

Your (h/c) colored locks bounced around as you ran toward your best friend.

This is it! I'm finally going to tell her! After all that Yuri I've watched!

Sakura turned around with a determined look on her face. "U-um (Name). I want to t-terr you something!" She said with a blush.

"Awwww! Your accent is so cute! It just never gets old!" You tried not to squeal. "Alright, what is it that you need to tell me?"

Sakura's blush became even brighter. "A-Ano...... I wanted to terr you that..... I made you some bento today!" She said with a nervous giggle as she pulled a bento box out of her backpack.

"Wow thanks!" You looked at the box with child-like curiosity.

"I have to go now! I don't want to be rate for crass!" Before you could say anything, Sakura ran off to class.

"What's with her?" You cocked your head to the side.

~♥ Meanwhile ♥~

Sakura was in her classroom, her face on her desk.

Why didn't I tell her? That was my only chance and I messed it up! Not only that, but I also gave her my only bento.....

"Ve~ Ciao Sakura!" A voice called out.

"K-Konichiwa Fericiana" Sakura raised her head up.

"Ve~ What's the matter?" Feliciana tilted her head to the side.

"Werr.... I tried to terr someone that I rove them..... But panicked and gave them my runch instead....." Sakura hung her head down in frustration. "Do you have any advise that wourd herp me?"

Feliciana brightened up.

"Who is'a the lucky guy?" She asked with lots of excitement.

Sakura blushed, brighter than Lovina's tomatoes.

"A-Ano..... She is actuarry a girr......" Sakura's blush grew even brighter.

"You like'a girl?" Feliciana got quiet for a few minutes. "Who is she?!?! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me now!" Feliciana started jumping up and down like a child.

"(N-Name)....." Sakura's blush got even brighter, if possible.....

Feliciana blinked and stared at Sakura for a while.

"C-Courd you say something onegai?" Sakura nervously choked out.

"This is'a so great!" Feliciana twirled around. "I have'a plan!"

Sakura deadpanned. "No thanks... I can do this on my own...."

~♥ Timeskip ♥~

Ring! Ring!

The bell that dismissed classes rang.

You ran out of your class as fast as you could, but stopped by Sakura.

"What's up Sakura?" You cheerfully asked.

Sakura held her hands behind her back and started rocking back and forth. "(N-Name), wourd you rike to have a K-ON! marathon with me at my house?"

"YES! I love your house and K-ON!" You fist pumped the air.

Sakura smiled. "Wourd tonight be good?"

"Of course! Any time is a good time to spend with my bestest friend ever!" You hugged her.

Sakura was a little uneasy at first, but she got used to it. She has never been hugged by anyone else other than Feliciana. But this time, she actually liked it.

~♥ Another time skip ♥~

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Azu-nyan. I'll do my best with everyone else. Okay? I'll make it the best concert"

"Fine... This time's special...



"Was she really concerned about me?"

"I think..."

You wanted to laugh at that scene because of how cute it was, but you didn't.


"Calm down! It's just a show..." You assured.

"A show furr of adorabreness!" She shot back.

"You got me there..." You sweatdropped.

Sakura wiped her tears away and looked you in the eyes.

"So (Name), what wourd you do if someone tried to kiss you?"

"Well, I wouldn't slap them like Azu-nyan would-"

You were cut off by a pair of soft lips meeting yours.

Your eyes widened in shock.

Sakura closed her eyes, hoping that what happened to Yui wouldn't happen to her.

But instead, you wrapped your arms around Sakura's neck and deepened the kiss.

Sakura's eyes opened wide in shock, she didn't think that you'd actually be willing. She pulled away, not that she wanted to.


"Yeeees~?" You smiled

"Aishiteru...." Sakura blushed.

"I love you too Sakura~"
Well, my first yuri.... Mainly because I saw a Fem!Germany and a Fem!Italy x reader... So I wrote a Fem!Japan x reader!

I FUCKING LOVE SAKURA~ :iconfemjapanplz:
And I love K-ON! It's amazing... :iconyuiheavenplz:

Oh yeah, and I changed this from Confession to K-ON! And a kiss....

Sakura (c) :iconhimaruyaplz: This sexy mofo
I got the preview picture from google :T
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