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October 8, 2012
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Gilbert was absolutely stunned by the letter he had in his hand.

Dear Gilbert,

I'm so sorry that Mr. Poland and Mr. Lithuania are the reason that the kingdom of Prussia was abolished.... I'm not that good at communication but, would you like to come over for coffee sometime? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to... It's just an offer. I feel really bad for you, and I just want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, you can come over to big bruder Vash's house and talk to me.

Lili AKA Liechtenstein

Gilbert sighed. He only met Lili once. That is, before he was chased out by her overprotective brother Vash.

He wasn't sure whether he should go and have coffee with her, or be chased out by the Swiss man who always had a gun strapped to his back.

"Oh screw it I'll go...." He finally decided. Gilbert gathered everything he needed and set out to Vash's house, with Gilbird flying right behind him.

~☆ Timeskip brought to you by the Awesome Prussia ☆~

Gilbert stood in front of the large door. He was worried that Vash would charge at him with a gun. But, he was more worried about why Lili asked him for coffee.

He lost the kingdom of Prussia. Why would she ask HIM for coffee of all people?

"What am I so worried about? I'm awesome Pru- I mean Gilbert! I'm the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt!"

Almost absent-mindedly, he rang the doorbell.

"Oh crap! I better go before-"

The door was opened immediately. But instead of Vash, it was Lili who opened the door.

"You came! I'm so glad!" She said with a cheerful smile.

Her Jade eyes locked into his crimson orbs...

"Excuse me... What are you looking at?" She asked, her eyes wide.

Her eyes plus her smile.... It easily melted hearts with one look.

"Uh... Well... I... I was looking at the ribbon tied to your hair!" Gilbert said as a small blush crept to his face.

"Oh that? My big bruder bought me this! A lot of people thought that I was a boy because I cut my hair to look like big bruder, so he bought me this so the people wouldn't think that I was a boy anymore!"

Just telling that story made her happy. She loved her big brother. He was the world to her.

"Would you like to come in?" She opened the door wider.

"Sure" He walked inside after her.

"I've already made coffee, you just sit down right there on the couch while I go get it!"

Before Gilbert could even open his mouth, Lili ran into the kitchen to get the coffee.

"Why vould a Frau like her invite me over? With those adorable eyes and that smile, she could beg anybody to come over without even trying! So why would she invite me?"

Gilbert brought his hand to his chin to a thinking position.

"I'm back!" Lili shouted as she walked back into the parlor, she brought out a small tray with a teacup and a large mug. Steam was coming out of both of them. "I'm sorry I took so long! I could hardly reach this big mug, it was on the top shelf." She handed him the large mug.

"Danke, but you know could've asked me for help Frau" Gilbert looked at her questionably.

"No no! I am the hostess, and you are the guest! I want to be a good hostess and not ask for any help!" Lili said in a determined voice.

Gilbert put the mug to his lips and took a large gulp of the coffee that was in the mug. "Wow.... It's not as good as beer but it's still pretty good!"

"I'm so glad you like it!" Lili took the teacup and took a sip of coffee.

Chirp chirp!

"W-What is that sound?" Lili looked around frantically.

Chirp Chirp!

"There it is again!" Lili kept looking around.

"Kesesese~ There is someone I want you to meet."

Gilbert reached his hand up to Lili's head and scooped something in his hand and brought it back in front of Lili's face. It was a small yellow bird!

Chirp Chirp!

Lili held her pointer finger out, and the little bird happily jumped onto her finger.

"This is Gilbird! Kesesese~ He's my awesome sidekick!"

Lili put the little yellow bird between her big green eyes. "He's so cute!" She shouted in awe.

Her little outburst had scared Gilbird, so his survival instincts kicked in, and he pecked her right in the forehead and flew off!

"Ouch!" Lili brought her hands to her head to cover up the peck wound.

"Let me see...." Gilbert took one of Lili's hands and moved it out if the way so he could see the peck wound. "The awesome me never forgets to bring a bandaid!"

Gilbert searched his pocket for a bandaid, and found it. He took all of the paper off and put it where Gilbird pecked her.

"There you go! All better!"

"Will you.... Kiss it?"

"What?" Gilbert's eyes widened.

"Big bruder always kisses the band aids after he puts a bandaid on my wounds so that it will feel better.... So will you?" Lili asked with big, pleading eyes.

Gilbert felt his cheeks heat up, turning a shade red that put Antonio's tomatoes to shame.

"Well..... I suppose that it won't hurt anything...."

He slowly leaned in to kiss the bandaid that covered the bandaid.

He leaned closer...

And closer.....

His lips were finally on the bandaid...

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!" A familiar Swiss accent shouted in anger.

"Nothing vas going on I-"

Vash took the gun from his back and aimed it at Gilbert. Lili jumped down into the floor, shielding her head.

Gilbert took off running, Vash chasing after him.

"No big bruder! Don't shoot him!" Lili called out to her brother.

"Kesesesese~ You can't catch zhe awesome me!" Gilbert shouted as he ran around the large house.

"Come back here so that I can kill you until you die!" Vash shot randomly around the house, not even caring that he was leaving bulletholes in the walls.

"You can't kill awesome!"

And somehow, Gilbert managed to escape Switzerland. Because he is just that awesome.
Well.... This is a bit rushed.... :iconotlplz:
So I was browsing the internet.... And I found out about PruLiech! At first I was like "Ugh another crack couple...." But then I looked at the pictures and I was like :iconitssofluffyplz: ASDFGHJKL; IT'S SO CUTE!!!!! So.... I decided to write about it! The idea just wouldn't leave me alone..... PruLiech is my OTP! U mad? :iconprussiaumadplz:

I'm so sorry if it sucks.... :iconkiddpoutplz: I fail so badly..... But I hope you liked it! I worked really hard on it... And I may or may not continue it as a drabble series....... I don't know, it depends on how many people want me to continue..... I don't fucking know..... I'm not that good at keeping characters in character, so I apologize if anyone is OOC

The only thing I know about Liechtenstein (the country itself not the Hetalia character) is what the flag looks like, and that the official language is German.... I have no fucking idea what the accent sounds like okay?

So I also did a little bit of research on Prussia. And shitty Wikipedia says that it was Poland and Lithuania's fault, and I'm to lazy to look somewhere else, so there.

This isn't going to e historically accurate

Constructive criticism is welcome!
Please PLEASE give me some constructive criticism! My grammar sucks!

This is one long-ass description.....

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconsenpailovesyou:
Preview picture does not belong to me..... I got it from google....

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Okay yep this one killed me with cuteness.

As I stated before in the other comments, a more descriptive language could always be used. And beginning new paragraphs every time someone else speaks. And the:

"Hello," she smiled.

sort of way to write instead of "Hello." She smiled. because italicized is more proper.
SenpaiLovesYou Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Writer
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this is cute!

only thing - liechtenstein was not yet aligned with switzerland when the kingdom of prussia dissolved, but rather austria. switzerland did not come around until 1919. liechtenstein cutting her hair is more of a recent thing.

fun fact! otto von bismarck of prussia blamed tiny little liechtenstein for the austro-prussian war!
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